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Welcome first-time flute buyer!

We understand that it can be intimidating buying your first flute. We recommend three keys which are perfect for first time flute players. The keys to consider are the key of A, G, and F#.

First off, do you have small hands?  Are you concerned with not being able to cover the completely? Then we recommend the key of A. The key of A will have small finger holes that are easy to reach and cover. The key of A will have the highest pitch range of all three but is the easiest to learn on if you have small hands.

Key of G: If you have average sized hands then we recommend the key of G. This is one of our most popular keys because the finger holes and finger hole spacing are only slightly bigger then A. It will have a slightly lower pitch then the key of A.

Key of F#: If you have average to slightly larger hands and prefer lower tones, then we recommend the key of F#. The key of F# will have the same finger hole size but finger hole spacing will be slightly further apart.

What about wood!? Does it matter?

Wood type is all just preference! Beginners can choose any wood type as their first flute. However, we usually recommend Cedar because it's a lower cost investment until you have decided flute playing is for you. There is no difference in difficulty when it comes to wood type. The harder woods will be heavier and hardier. Soft woods like cedar, do need to cared for more closely, as they can dent and scratch much easier. 


Does wood type effect tone?

Yes! Cedar which is a softwood will have a mellow warmer tone. While hardwoods like Cherry and Walnut will have brighter and more responsive tones.


Sound clips of A, G and F# can be found at