About Us


Chris remembered hearing the Native American flute when he was in Elementary school; when a presenter came to play Native Instruments for his 4th grade class. Chris fell in love with the sound and bought a CD of the presenters flute music. He would listen to it consistently and many years later, in 2017, he bought his first flute in Sedona, AZ. He decided not long after that to begin learning how to make them. After many failed attempts, Chris was devoted to bringing the best quality sound. Eventually, after a year of perfecting, he developed his first signature flute. Now him and his wife Linda work together on making flutes. Linda focuses on the wood burning and decorating of the flutes, while Chris focuses on the production of the flutes. We hope you enjoy the amazing sound and tone of our flutes! Chris and Linda are so grateful for your business and friendship. Thank you for visiting our store and reading our story.